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・rehabilitation department  ・internal medicine
・cardiovascular internal medicine ・digestive internal medicine
・radiology department ・dentistry

We provide recovery rehabilitation for patients who have been transferred from acute care hospitals and we also contribute to community medicine.
The Nishi Memorial Port Island Rehabilitation Hospital, which was opened in April 2013, is designed to minimize the complications of illness and to improve quality of life by starting rehabilitation early.
In addition, by cooperating with community hospitals, patients can continue treatment outside of our facility.

We support patients with high quality nursing care and aid their recovery by working with the facilities of the Subaru Medical & Welfare Group.

Prejident of  Koyukai Medical Corporation
Subaru Nishi


Nishi Memorial Port Island Rehabilitation Hospital is a facility in which early treatment, extensive nursing, and early recovery rehabilitation are central.

These are the main characteristics of the care we offer: 

  • Early rehabilitation system
  • Acute care and early recovery rehabilitation support systems
  • Secure and efficient business support systems (digital medical records, PACS)
  • A facility where patients can feel at home

We accept patients who have been treated in the acute phase at an early stage, and provide year-round rehabilitation for the recovery of physical impairment.