◆ Staff introduction

Nurse / Nurse assistant
Each day we nurses listen to the voices of patients with a bright smile and live together.
We will continue to improve ourselves while helping and discussing with our colleagues to improve care.
“Thank you for being a nurse!” “Thank you!”
We will continue to provide care that can be said so.
The nursing assistant staff will help you with your nurse in an inpatient life, through linen exchange and bathing assistance, etc., so that you can spend a comfortable life even a little and concentrate on rehabilitation.

It is a lively department with many young staff.
I hope that the patient will smile through rehabilitation with the brightness she has.


Physical therapist

Analyzing daily activities such as turning over, getting up, standing up, walking, etc., we will exercise using exercise therapy and physical therapy.


Occupational therapist

Due to illness or injury, you may not be able to perform the actions required for daily life (bathing, changing clothes, toilets, toilets, brushing teeth, nail clippers, meals).We will analyze what causes it, and will be able to perform daily activities through training and adjustment.


Speech auditor

This is a department that evaluates and treats communication problems and dietary problems.We will train according to the patient's communication status.

MSW is an abbreviation for “medical social worker”.
This department not only supports local hospitals and clinics, but also supports the return to home, and bridges the power of support after discharge from the hospital by utilizing the cooperation with various facilities and offices.Although I do not have much direct contact with patients during rehabilitation, I do my best as a powerful partner.