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This website is referred to as the Nishi Memorial Kobe Port Island Rehabilitation Hospital site (hereafter, this site), and is operated by the Yasuo Medical Corporation. This site follows the personal data protection policy detailed below, and we thoroughly inform the Departments and staff handling the personal data of users of the policy.
We will endeavor to protect your personal data appropriately by complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding the personal information we hold.

Scope of application
This personal data protection policy applies when you are using this site.

Users can use this site without providing personal information, but some services cannot be used without providing some personal data.

If you use this site, you agree to the terms of use described here. However, this site may link to external sites operated by a third party other than the Yasuo Medical Corporation.

Please confirm the policies of any linked external sites concerning the handling of personal information.

This site does not assume any responsibility or obligation regarding those external sites.



Collection of personal information

Some services on this site may collect personal information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc., that can be used to identify individuals.

When we collect personal data, we specify the purpose of collection and we will limit the personal data collected to the extent necessary.


Use of personal information
The collected personal information will be used solely within the scope of the purpose of collection.

We will not use it for any other purpose unless we have the consent of the user.
We will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without your permission, except as disclosed in this privacy policy.

The Medical Corporation may entrust operations related to some functions and services of this site to an outside contractor, but in that case, the contractor shall be obligated by the contract to manage the personal information of users appropriately.
The external contractor entrusted by the Medical Corporation Association of Japan shall use the personal information in accordance with the policy set by the Yasuo Medical Corporation, and solely within the scope necessary for the contract.


Disclosure of personal information
The Yasuo Medical Corporation will disclose relevant personal information if it receives a formal inquiry based on the law from a public institution such as a court or the police, or if there is a request for disclosure from the user who holds the collected personal information.

If you wish to inquire or revise your personal information, we will promptly respond to you within a reasonable time period if you contact us at the contact point regarding the protection of personal information.


Management of personal information
Personal information collected through this site is stored in a safe environment that can only be accessed by a specified number of users, and personal information that is not required to fulfill the purpose of use is promptly discarded and erased.

In addition, if there is an request from the user who provided the personal information, we will promptly delete the relevant personal data.

If the service business handling the personal information is entrusted to an external company or organization, the company or the organization are requested to take the same measures promptly.


About access log recording

Koyukai medical Corporation records and aggregates access logs in order to analyze the number of users and pages used.

In addition, the analysis data of the access log is used to improve the ease of use of the site in order to enhance the service contents in line with the user's interest on the site, and other purposes.
The access log to be recorded includes the user's domain name, IP address, cookie, the type of browser being used, the access date and time, but there is no individual identification.

In addition, the analysis data of the access log is intended to be used to improve the content of this site in order to enhance the service contents in accordance with the interest of users of our site, and it does not use it for other purposes.

Aggregated information obtained by the Access log recording may be statistically processed, but this does not include information that can identify the individual.


About Cookies
Cookies are information that is sent to your computer's hard disk and stored as a text file for the purpose of keeping your website records. Many major sites use cookies to provide convenient functionality to their customers.

The cookie will identify the computer you are using, but will not be able to identify the individual user without reading any information other than the contents of the cookie from the user's computer.
Most browsers are initially set up to receive cookies, but you can opt-out by setting up your browser to refuse to receive cookies or to display a warning when you receive a cookie.
The purpose of the issuance of cookies is primarily to obtain statistical information, but on some sites, we provide a service that uses cookies (such as changing the font size) in consideration of accessibility.


Change of personal information protection policy
Koyukai Medical Corporation may change the policy regarding the protection of personal information.

If we decide to change, we will post a new policy and alter the date at the end of the policy, so please make sure to check the date of this privacy policy when you use our site.