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From the President of Koyukai Medical Corporation

Medical progress in this country has been remarkable, and Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. However, in order to live a long life happily, we need a healthy and comfortable environment. We believe that when you get sick, not only should you get the proper treatment, but also that you should return to your original condition as soon as possible.
By starting rehabilitation early in the Nishi Memorial Port Island Rehabilitation Hospital, all staff members will work on maintaining and improving quality of life by minimizing the complications of the disease. In addition, we continue treatment outside our facility by cooperating with acute phase hospitals and local medical care hospitals.
The Subaru Medical and Welfare Group is based in the Nishi hospital in Rokkomichi, and has three elderly facilities and two clinics (checkup and general clinics), special nursing homes for the elderly, private nursing homes, and small-scale multifunctional facilities. We are engaged in a wide range of activities to support local medical care and nursing care, such as home-visit nursing stations and home support offices.
We believe that our facilities, and those of our partners, as well as our cooperation with patients and families, help people return to their lives.

Nishi Takashi, President of Koyukai Medical Corporation.

From the Director of Nishi Memorial Port Island Rehabilitation Hospital and Koyukai Medical Corporation.

Japan has the world’s highest life expectancy, but in order to maintain this, the realization of a 100 million active members of society is needed.
All members of our multidisciplinary staff are willing to assist you in tailor-made rehabilitation programs, designed according to the individual's condition, so that patients who are treated at an acute hospital with illness or injury can live a fulfilling life again.
We will work hard every day so that patients can return home and have an active life again.

Kozawa Shuichi, Director of Nishi memorial Port Island Rehabilitation Hospital

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